Alpha was like our son's second home. He was loved and cared for there by amazing educators and above all he truly loved going. Alpha's teachers are Montessori certified, have been there for many years, some 20+, which speaks to the fact just how amazing it truly is. Alpha provides a welcoming community for all families and for children of all levels. They work with your children and meet them where they are at.
Alpha Parent
An outstanding and authentic Montessori School.
Phillip Montessori
I was in public education for 35 years, have visited, trained and evaluated many private and parochial schools; yet never before have I witnessed with such amazement and pure wonderment the operation, the organization, the education - academically, socially, behaviorally, and kinesthetically as what I observed at Alpha Montessori School! I've truly never been as impressed with such gentle guidance, such well-behaved students, such careful direction and redirection, such unbelievable outcomes! I couldn't recommend any place more enthusiastically or highly than Alpha! One visit and I knew that is where my grand daughter deserved to attend! Alpha teachers/directresses need to present workshops on positive classroom management, respecting student potential, and presenting mounds of information in ways that aren't only heard, but truly learned. Oh what a team of excellence! So many educators could learn so much by observing the excellence at Alpha.
Debbie Gray
You will never question the love safety or security of your children if they are at Alpha! The best teachers with the largest hearts and a true love for your kiddo, their school and community! There's nowhere better.
Alpha Parent