About Alpha Montessori

Alpha Montessori School provides a supportive and loving educational environment for children 2 to 6 years of age.
Alpha Montessori School is located in Kansas City, MO. Our school offers Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten classes. Alpha supplements the traditional Montessori curriculum of Practical Life, Sensory, Mathematics, Language and Cultural Subjects with lessons on peace, respect, social graces, conservation, gardening, art and art appreciation, science and much more! Our teachers share their individual passions and knowledge with the entire school. Alpha offers many special events and weekly activities for our students to participate in. We have flexible days and times to fit any schedule. Call or email to schedule a tour and see the environment of learning and love Alpha provides.

Our Mission

Alpha Montessori School is dedicated to the individual and unique development of each child. We know that every child is born with vast inherent potential that can only be activated and brought forth through experience. Alpha is dedicated to the broader scope of educating the child physically, socially and intellectually.

Our Purpose

Alpha Montessori School’s purpose is dedicated to the individual and unique development of each child. Every child is born with a vast inherent potential that can only be activated and brought forth through experience. Through the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, we provide a step towards self-discovery as the child moves into a broader scope physically, socially, and intellectually.

Our Goal

Reading time Alpha Montessori School’s goal is to develop a child with a strong foundation of emotional awareness, independence, self-esteem and the love to learn. We want to do everything within our power to enhance your child’s journey to success.

Our History

Alpha Montessori School was founded by Mrs. Alvina M. Rinalo in August, 1962.
The name “Alpha”, meaning “First or Beginning”, was chosen because it was not only Kansas City’s First Montessori School
but it would be the little child’s First experience in school.
The Greek wording of Alpha was used because of its traditional association with wisdom and learning.
Alpha Montessori School’s first location was at The Loretto Academy for Girls at 12411 Wornall Road.
Alpha moved from The Loretto in 1974 to 109th & Wornall.
Alpha Montessori School has resided in John Knox Presbyterian Kirk since 1978.
Mrs. Jo Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Nancy Koenig-Jones became co-owners upon Mrs. Rinalo’s retirement.
In 1985, Mrs. Kirkpatrick retired and Mrs. Linda Dougherty became co-owner with Mrs. Nancy Koenig- Jones.
Today, Alpha Montessori School is owned and operated by Mrs. Linda Dougherty.
Linda is a lifetime Kansas City resident.  While attending The Loretto Academy as a child, Linda was first introduced to Alpha Montessori.
Linda graduated from Regis University  with a degree in Elementary Education in 1979.
After working in the public school system, Linda decided to pursue a degree in Montessori Education from Avila University.
In 1982 Linda joined Alpha Montessori School as a lead teacher.
In 2010 Linda became sole owner of Alpha and still substitutes in the classrooms as she oversees the school.