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“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility
and the wings of independence.”
Dr. Maria MontessoriAlpha Montessori School has provided a supportive and loving educational environment for children in the Kansas City area for nearly 60 years. Our programs are perfect for children of all abilities as the Montessori Method provides an individualized experience all while fostering a deep sense of community and an intrinsic love of learning.
Whether you are looking for a warm, caring, and inspiring introduction into the world of Montessori for your two year old, or a carefully structured preschool through Kindergarten experience that is consciously designed to foster and encourage different learning styles, Alpha Montessori is committed to your child’s overall development.


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Considering joining? We would be honored to care for your child and welcome you to our Montessori family.   Enrollment Information, including pricing, enrollment forms, and more can be found here.


The Montessori method of teaching is founded on the premise that all young children pass through a well-defined sequence of steps to maturity, but at different rates of growth and in different ways. Growth is as individual as each child.


At Alpha Montessori school we are not all the same and that is one of our greatest strengths. We celebrate our personal uniqueness, and the diversity of our teachers and peers, every day. Our highly trained Montessori certified staff draw on the differences of our community. We welcome the diverse experiences our families bring, to create an environment that serves everyone because we believe in including everyone.

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